Skin care routine for adult hormonal acne and how to cure acne scars fast

Female hormones can help to ease the symptoms of acne, which is why the severity of an acne attack in a girl or woman can change during her menstrual cycle in accordance with the relative amounts of androgen and estrogen in her body.
This kind of acne is characterized by formation of cysts. These cysts are quite uncommon and rarely strike a patient. The cysts normally measure up to several centimeters. These cysts may develop singly or in multiples. This cysts found in this type acne are not the true cysts rather they are some sort of dilation of skin structure. Cyst may contain pus after the area gets infected. The effort to puncture such cysts should be done in close supervision of dermatologists. These cysts if appearing close together may lead to another severe form of acne known as acne conglobata.
So what food causes acne? Well, the worst food is vegetable oil. It causes massive hormonal imbalance, and this results in breakouts of the worst kind - cysts that take weeks to disappear! Vegetable oil is most commonly eaten as a cooking oil, like sunflower oil. Avoid using these cooking oils.
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