How to remove acne scars from face and over the counter acne scar treatment

Treat your skin with kindness and it will heal more easily. Avoid harsh scrubs, which damage the delicate lower layers of even apparently healthy skin. Resist the temptation to try and scrub blemishes off-rubbing with too much pressure will inflame acne and lead to permanent scarring. Instead, use a soft cloth or pouf to cleanse your face with a product designed especially for your skin type.
Internally, ingesting such herbs as chamomile and licorice root can also help with acne, although in certain health situations, these herbs are contraindicated. Check with your physician before ingesting herbs internally, to make sure they fit your current health status.
In addition, if you must use cosmetics, choose carefully. Certain cosmetics are oil-based and have other chemicals that contribute to acne breakouts. If a particular cosmetic formulation makes you break out more than usual, try switching cosmetics and seeing if that helps. It may be helpful to utilize cosmetics that are water-based rather than oil-based. This can often help prevent breakouts.
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