How to get rid of forehead acne

Part of acne natural cure is to be clean in your environment not only in your body. Your pillowcase is where you lay your face on a daily basis. Upon doing so, the pillowcase gets all the bacteria and oil that comes from your skin. It should be regularly changed at least every other day to prevent further infection and transfer of these oils to your skin. When the oil and dirt is being reapplied over and over again, there's no use in doing several skin care routines that would cure your acne. Moreover, when your room is filthy, you will not only get allergies that would cause you to sneeze but skin irritations as well. Maintain a clean environment to cure your acne naturally.
First of all, NEVER pick at a pimple. If it doesn't have a whitehead on it you will do damage to your skin and probably won't get anything out of it anyway. If you are desperate to get rid of this, see your dermatologist for a cortisone shot. Pricey, but effective and fast.
• If necessary apply anti-perspirant to your back, don't do this if you are going to engage in physical activity because sweating is needed to help cool the body.
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