Best acne remedy and how to know if my acne is getting better

Occasional breakout or a serious acne condition, there is a solution for you. For severe cases though the prescription acne cream may be your only option. Before you try it though have a look at OTC and natural treatments. You may find a better solution in a much more body friendly acne cream.
Finding top acne treatments can be a bit daunting especially for those who have no idea as to what types of acne remedies are available these days. Well, a number of formulations designed to treat acne are available today for people to choose from. These treatments vary in names, brands, ingredients, mechanism, and effects. Some are designed only to heal mild forms of acne, while others are made to treat even serious lesions and acne scarring. With the market now teeming with these choices, there's nothing else better to do then than to note exactly the severity of the said condition.
Adapelene is applied once daily and prevents pimples from rising underneath the skin. Apply is it very small doses as thats all that is required for each application. It does not cure your acne as there is no cure for acne but it does help prevent it. Similar to most acne treatment medications, your skin will get worse before it gets better. Expect this for about 6 - 8 weeks. You should see great improvements in 4 months. If you are not seeing great improvements by 4 months, you should contact your doctor. He/she may put you on a different course of treatment. A visit to an allergist is also required.
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