Lotion for skin acne scars

« ...4) Reputation - find out how the product is doing on the market. If it is a popular product, chances are you can read many reviews about it. This also means that the product range works for most type of acne....
...You may need to get on stronger medications such as accutane. This is the drug that worked for me and other folks I know, but the side effects weren't the best. A doctor will typically prescribe these harsher treatments only for the worst cases of acne and if nothing else works....»

«...For deeper scars, deeper solutions are necessary. Again, several options exist. Deeper scars can be surgically excised with the larger acne scar replaced with a surgically placed small line. This can later be refined with other rejuvenation techniques. Punch grafting affords a simple method for treating multiple scars. A circular punch is used to create an incision around an acne scar. The scar is then allowed to heal and the resulting skin irregularity is smoothed. Subcision involved releasing the tethering attachments underneath the scar and then filling the space with either a temporary or permanent filler to prevent the scar from reforming when it heals. With the advent of new temporary artificial fillers such as hyaluronic acid, this is a good option for larger depressed scars....»
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