Which birth control pill help acne

« ...Treating adult acne is slightly different to treating a teenage spot problem due to the different hormonal changes in the body, and also the environmental causes of the problem. It's not just a case of washing twice a day with a medicated soap. When you're an adult skin care takes a bit more time and focus....
...In order to know how to fight cystic acne, it is important to treat the cause as cystic acne is one of the types of advanced stage of acne wherein acne is filled with pus. The pus is a whitish-yellow fluid that is the caused due to pyogenic bacterial infection produced during body's immunity responses against the infection. Hence, to fight cystic acne, antibacterial medication is very much required that help getting rid of infection....»
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«...Treatment Tea Tree Oil - This is another very effective way of treating acne because like other natural remedies we have mentioned it contains some good antiseptic properties. These then help to remove the dirt and bacteria which can often exacerbate the problem of acne. But unlike some of the remedies we have mentioned do not expect to see results quickly this one does take some time to help treat the problem. But unlike some of the more common over the counter treatments available it helps the skin to retain moisture rather than drying it out....»
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