Pregnancy and acne and dry skin

« ...All forms of acne are collections of dirt, oil and bacteria that get trapped in enlarged pores or hair follicles and which are not allowed to escape through regular rinsing or washing of the face because the skin forms a small barrier over these. Everyone has dirt and oil on their face, but not everyone gets acne and certainly most don't have severe cystic acne. The problem with acne is not just that collection of dirt and oil but that barrier of skin cells as well, which shouldn't form this way over that opening. When that barrier forms that collection grows into a small bump that we call a pimple....
...The best would be benzoyl peroxide, better if combined with a little bit of salicylic acid. This medication kill acne causing bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is a strong medication. Expect dryness and rashes to occur after you use them. Use as instructed on the labels. Products that contain only sulfur, salicylic acid or triclosan is not as effective as benzoyl peroxide-based products. Take note....»
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«...If you find that a nature cure acne website directs you to put some sort of conditioning your face, remember that you will want to spot check it first. Dab on a little bit near your jaw line and see what it feels like. If there is pain or unexpected stinging, you'll want to remove it right away. Take some time and make sure that when you are in a situation to think about natural cures that you think about all the ingredients listed....»
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