Salt and olive oil scrubs for acne

« ...Treatment 1 - Aloe Vera Juice or Gel - The main reason why this is a suitable remedy for acne is of its anti-biotic properties. It is these properties which will help to fight the infection which has resulted in the acne spots or pimples forming on your skin. It is best if this is taken twice a day and normally it will take several months before you will see any improvement in the condition of your skin. It is also the anti-biotic properties in this plant which help to prevent and stop scarring of the skin....
...Stress: Stress has a strong relationship to acne and a profound impact. Coffee may be a promoter of acne and its consumption should be limited. When stress levels rise, it may be wise to reduce coffee consumption and achieve a reduction in cortisol levels which promote acne....»
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«...Acne can also be a warning sign of an underlying medical problem. For instance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common health condition that can easily affect the heart of the women, her menstrual cycle, blood vessels, potency to bear children, appearance, hormones and even result in small cysts inside the ovaries....»
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