What food can i eat to prevent acne and retin-a acne dry flaky skin

2) Raw potato! Slice up a potato in half, then rub the flat edge of the potato on your pimples. The properties in the potato help break down the bacteria inside the pores. And the texture helps exfoliate off the dead skin cells.
Mix lemon juice with rose water. Apply it to the face for about 30 minutes every night. A suggested schedule is doing it for 15 days. For some people, lime juice seems to be more effective than lemon juice.
The principal trouble with cystic acne, says dermatologist Dr Andrew Waite, is that it takes ages to clear up because it responds so slowly to treatment. "Cystic acne lesions can lead to long-term scarring," he says. "The infections that cause acne cysts usually lodge deep beneath the skin and therefore do not discharge infection waste, as a result of which cystic acne does not heal easily."
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