Neutrogena rapid clear acne lotion

« ...Do you know that our body is exposed to more chemicals and toxins than ever before? The food we eat contains additives and chemical elements that are going to affect your health. The air is dirty and full of dangerous fumes. In other words, our body is full of toxins. To remove toxins from your body means getting yourself a more healthy body, an improved immune system and hormone system, which are all important aspects that will do a lot to your acne condition. Detoxify your body by doing more exercise, fasting, eating more vegetables, and so on....
...Go Natural with your Acne Treatment Product...»
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«...You may be wondering how to keep your face clean if you abandon the commercial products you've been using. Salt water is the best cleanser for your skin! One half teaspoon of salt in a quart of water is the right mixture for most skin; use it at lukewarm temperature for a healthy, well-balanced complexion. The salt will rinse away excess oil and dry the skin just enough to discourage pimples while not over stimulating oil glands. ...»
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