Home remedies for chest acne

« ...Egg whites are normally rich in proteins and can be used as a mask to heal, cure and rebuild your skin. They are also useful in absorbing excess oil from the skin and can be used as a mild astringent. However, like many home remedies it falls short of being a real cure for acne. It is on the right track but is only a piece of the puzzle. Recent science has taken an optimistic look at this home cure and ran with it. Combining salicylic acid (a common acne fighting chemical), with the hydrating, protein rich whole egg, science has created a new break through acne fighting blend....
...Things To Consider About Retin-A...»
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«...Sounds complicated, all you want to do is clear up your acne. Well all that it means is that people are now looking at natural cures and remedies to deal with their acne problems. Which is very understandable because to young and old, acne can cause widespread problems ranging from the physical to the mental and the emotional. A person with this condition can become self-conscious, introverted and shy away from social situations. It can also have an affect on things like job interviews, exam performance, holidays - you name it, whenever the a person with this condition needs to engage with others, there can be problem....»
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