Sulfur acne treatment and ivory soap for acne

You can actually save money by treating your acne from home, rather than purchasing something from your local drug store. You can use natural ingredients right from your kitchen, and they work just as well if not better than something you would purchase. Natural fruit juices, oatmeal, and even some spices can work wonders on your skin, and the only side effect is clear, healthy looking skin.
When it comes to acne, we all want it gone as quickly as possible, so we buy maximum strength products. The problem with this is that in most cases it is overkill. Why swat a fly with a flyswatter when it will be just as dead if we use a sledgehammer? Because the sledgehammer will do some pretty significant damage to the table the fly landed on. Similarly, when we use too strong a concentration of benzoyl peroxide, we may get rid of the zit quickly, but the rest of the skin suffers. Thus, the benzoyl peroxide trap. We have acne, we treat the acne with maximum strength product, the pimples clear up, then the skin dries out and becomes uncomfortable, we stop using the acne product, and the pimples come back. It's an endless circle, unless . . .
If you use glycerin-based soaps, you will get a great cleaning without the dryness or waxy feel to your skin. These types of soaps also balance the pH of the skin, creating a hostile environment for bacteria.
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