Nature's cure acne and best acne treatment for brest feeding moms

Even though, technically, puberty is not the cause of acne, one is definitely left wondering as to the true cause in itself. Because of this age old question of why is acne caused during puberty, many scientists, doctors, and research experts, etc. have taken a look at the human body during various phases of puberty, pre-pubescent ages and post-pubescent ages as well. One thing they have all agreed on was that most often, close to 90% of all teens suffer acne on some level during the offset of their teen years. With numbers such as that, why is acne caused during puberty has become one of the burning questions of the medical society.
Recent studies discovered that severe acne patients will tend to have lower blood levels of vitamin E. And recent studies also say that Acne is mainly caused by dirt. Because of this reason most doctors an dermatologist suggest to wash our faces regularly.
The scars that are caused by acne vary from one to the other and some are deep while others have only superficial scarring. Acne scar removal will depend mainly on how deep they are. There are many different ways of removing the scars caused by acne. Some of the methods are discussed here;
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