How to stop butt and back acne and mild to moderate acne

Diet Poor diet can also exaggerate hormonal changes leading to acne. A diet high in vegetable oils, sugar, caffeine and alcohol can be especially damaging. The worst culprit is vegetable oil, which is not only used in cooking but also appears in many junk foods and snacks such as chips, french fries, and cookies. Many processed foods and most soft drinks contain high and hidden levels of sugar. Sugar is so addictive that if you eat a lot in processed foods you will want more and more of similar foods.
On top of using best acne products, you should also take note to change your diet and habits. For example, taking too much caffeine and processed food can contribute to your problems with acne. Change any bad habits you have that will aggravate the acne. These include, touch your face with your hands, not wearing sun block, picking on the pimples and wearing make up to sleep.
Try to steer clear of toxic environments such as fast food kitchens and other places where deep frying goes on.
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